About Indec

About Indec


Our Awesome Story

Indec interiors is one of the most reliable interior designers in kerala. Indec interiors made their first step in interior designing industry more than two decades ago as a group of architects, interior designers and building enthusiasts that wanted to mould the spaces unique and modern way. Indec interiors also known to be one of the most reputed and trusted interior designers all over kerala due to quality and successful timely delivery of projects which help them to gain competitive edge over other interior designers in kochi as well as kerala.

With a dedicated and hard working team of erudite minds, we stop at nothing and every assignment, no matter how daunting it seems, is culminated into a brilliant success. Indisputably making us better interior designers in Kerala. Aiming to keep the environmental disturbance to the minimum possible extent so as to exist in ‘Co existence’ with nature.;we aspire to be the best developers. Not only our work practices but the ethics have been moulded in such a manner that even our on site workers don’t face any harm or any tragic consequences. Indec interiors & Decorators have a team of highly intelligent and competitive professionals for designing, decorating, modifying, renovating and redefining the already existing as well as altogether new spaces of commercial as well as residential spaces.

Director’s Message

Indec Interiors & Decorators has been on a vigorous development journey for the past 30 years.
Indec is a interior designing firm focused on delivering the most innovative living space & work space. Our recent projects include retail centers, corporate buildings, hotels and resorts, university campuses and diplomatic buildings as well as private residential villas and high rises.
We promise to remain determined to our mission and vision for an improved built environment through our commitment to integrity and excellence, to our philosophy of sharing knowledge and education and our aim to become an internationally renowned company.

— Benny Thomas
[email protected]
Managing Director, Indec Interiors & decorators



Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.


Interior Design







Mr. Benny Thomas

Managing Director

Mrs. Sonia Benny

CEO, Administration

Mr. Roy C G

General Manager

Mr. Santhosh Kumar

Senior Project Co-Ordinator

Mr. Sudheesh Kumar

Business Development Manager

Mrs. Leni Prasad

Senior Accountant

Mr. Francis Shibin

Sr. Interior Designer Cum Project Co-Ordinator

Ms. Jinu M J


Mrs. Sana Sajeer

Interior Designer

Mr. Gregor Mathew

Factory In charge

Mr. Joy

Factory In charge

Mr. Jayan

Office Assistance




Staff Type Numbers
Carpenters 52 No.s
Polishers 38 No.s
Helpers 8 No.s
Electricians 8 No.s
Masons 4 No.s
Painters 6 No.s
Ceiling workers 6 No.s




Staff Type Numbers
Accounts 4 No.s
Interior Designers 3 No.s
Supervisors 8 No.s
Clerical Staff 1 No.




Machinery Type Numbers
Sliding Table Panel Saw ( Germany / Austria ) 2 No.s
Single Head Multi Boring Machine ( Italy ) 1 No.s
High Speed Through Feed Edge Banding Machine ( Italy ) 1 No.s
Hydraulic Cold Press ( India ) 1 No.
Spindle Motor. 2 No.s
Surface Plainer 2 No.s
Thickness Plainer. 2 No.s
Compressors. 10 No.s
Drilling Machines 45 No.s
Sanding Machine 10 No.s
Cutter 25 No.s
Band Saw 1 No.
Gig Saw 5 No.s
Routers 4 No.s